Reconnecting on WordPress again!

Sometimes I think this time of pandemic is a way of giving us all more uncluttered hours. I haven’t felt claustrophobic . . . yet. But I have fallen more deeply into my writing, for it takes me far from just my home office.

Latest news? This month, May 2020, I’ve published two new books, now available on Amazon!

  • The Seventh Tapestry, a romantic suspense set in Edinburgh that begins with missing artifacts, wild suspicions, and an art crime team dedicated to finding out who’s behind the thefts and a few mysterious murders. Preview HERE.
  • Poems in a Time of Pandemic. Every April, I love participating in napowrimo, that is a challenge to write a poem a day as a part of National Poetry Month. This year, because of my love of history and world culture, the poems range around the globe and close to home. Preview HERE.

No one really knows when those stay-at-home restrictions will be lifted, or how soon we’ll be able, once again, to visit with family and loved ones without restraint. For now, I’m sending thoughts of comfort wherever you are.  May the coming months be good to you.

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The Gravel Road: Abandoning Societal Definitions of Success for the Self-Determined Path

Making a commitment to find a way to express your own creativity is different for us all. Denise Young, writer and blogger, shares her reflections. I hope they will inspire you.

Denise D. Young

Country Dirt Road Photo by Scamp, Dreamstime Stock Photos.

Lately I’ve been struggling with the notion of success—what it means, how we define it, how we unconsciously internalize cultural definitions of success and make them our own. And, ultimately, what it truly means to lead a successful, meaningful, purposeful life.

This year, I’ve struggled with my writing. I’m approaching four years of writing full time, and while I’ve had some successes—won two contests, had a request for a full manuscript, indie published two short stories, written a lot—I haven’t had a “big” win. I’ve started to wonder what I’m doing with my time, if my writing will ever have an impact, make a difference. I’ve started to wonder if writing is enough. And all that pondering has squashed my creativity, left me spinning my wheels, stuck in a ditch on the side of the gravel road that is my journey.

I tried…

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Fooling around with WordPress . . .

If you are looking for me, Beth Camp, writer of historical fiction, then please click on the link to my blog . . . HERE

Or go to my ROW80 Weekly check-in page HERE

For I’m just playing around with WordPress, trying to see if this platform will work for me. Some of the features here are really neat, but I’m not sure . . . yet.

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