The Gravel Road: Abandoning Societal Definitions of Success for the Self-Determined Path

Making a commitment to find a way to express your own creativity is different for us all. Denise Young, writer and blogger, shares her reflections. I hope they will inspire you.

Denise D. Young

Country Dirt Road Photo by Scamp, Dreamstime Stock Photos.

Lately I’ve been struggling with the notion of success—what it means, how we define it, how we unconsciously internalize cultural definitions of success and make them our own. And, ultimately, what it truly means to lead a successful, meaningful, purposeful life.

This year, I’ve struggled with my writing. I’m approaching four years of writing full time, and while I’ve had some successes—won two contests, had a request for a full manuscript, indie published two short stories, written a lot—I haven’t had a “big” win. I’ve started to wonder what I’m doing with my time, if my writing will ever have an impact, make a difference. I’ve started to wonder if writing is enough. And all that pondering has squashed my creativity, left me spinning my wheels, stuck in a ditch on the side of the gravel road that is my journey.

I tried…

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About Beth Camp

Beth Camp writes historical fiction with side-trips for poetry and short fiction (thriller and sci-fi). Her three-book family saga follows the women and men of the McDonnell family in the 1840s from the clearances in Scotland, Van Diemen's Land (a penal colony) in Australia, and the fur trade era in Canada. She lives happily in the Great Pacific Nor’west with husband, Allen, and quilts and writes – ready to travel at a moment’s notice.
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